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This is my list of failed hardware that I encounter on my daily travels...

Belkin 4 Port KVM Model # F1DB104P

Didn't work right out of the box. When you switch from PC to PC it would loose the keyboard functionality... had to reboot the PC and or Belkin. Crap Crap Crap Crap ...

OnStream 30GB SCSI Tape Drive

Failed after 2 years of very very lite use. Called OnStream for replacement but was told it's out'a warranty, basically, sorry charlie...

Maxtor 20GB model # 92048U8 IDE Hard Drive

S/N W806PGMA CW08A ~ Manf. Date 08/26/99
Failed Maxtors disk diagnostics tests... Came out of a Gateway PC...

IBM 80GB IDE Hard Drive

Failed IBM disk diagnostics... Came out of a Dell PC...



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