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Logitech Quickcam Pro 3000

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Originally posted on July 19th, 2001

Lights, Camera, Action!!... not yet

I picked up this camera at MicroCenter located in Santa Clara CA for 99$. Looked cool and my Intel PC Camera Pro was getting a little dated so I thought I'd try this out. My friend Phillip needed a camera too to share pictures/pic/videos with his mother in South Carolina.

The package comes with the camera, a ' U ' shaped mount, a LCD flat screen monitor mount, the Logitech drivers/software CD, MGI's VideoWave III SE and PhotoSuite III SE, and the manual.

The manual is skimpy, the bundled software is pretty good, and the drivers on the Logitech CD are not the latest. I had to download the latest driver from the Logitech support website. One neat thing I notied was on the bottom of the eyeball they incorporated the standard camera mount screw hole that most cameras and tripods use to mount things with. That was a nice touch. Talking to my colleages, I found that this is not common on most webcams.

Somebody hit the lights!!

When I got everything loaded and plugged in, I found that the image that the QuickCam Pro produces is kind'a dark. I messed around with the settings in Windows ME and I couldn't get it to look any better. I have 2 halogen lights 4 feet above me, one over my phone on my desk and my tech bench lights behind me. I also hooked it up to a laptop and got the same results. The next morning I called Logitech's tech support at (702) 269-3457. The tech was on the phone in a couple of minutes. He was very helpful, not one of the those snooty know-it-all's that other sites like Intel have.

Though he was very helpful, we didn't get the picture any better. Here are some of things he asked me to try... Unplug the camera from the hub (I have a Belkin powered hub), and plug it into the computer directly. He told me that they [Logitech] have had problems with some hubs. I did that and it didn't help. He then asked me if I had any other programs loaded like Norton Utilities. I said I have SystemWorks 2001. He told me to remove it completely. I thought this was kind'a odd, but I unloaded it anyway per his instructions. That didn't help either. I then suggested that I load a virgin copy of Windows ME using Ghost and load the Logitech drivers from the CD and not upgrade to the latest drivers from their site. That didn't do anything either. Still the same picture. I even re-downloaded the update from Logitech and applied that to the install from the CD that came in the box... still the same picture.

Wondering if I have a too-dark environment in tech room, I decided to take a picture of my desk with my Olympus Camedia 2040 and a picture with the QuickCam and see if there is any difference. Check out the pictures at the right>>

There isn't much difference between the two cameras results, so I guess the lighting in my shop is not up to par... Just when I thought I knew everything. In fact, it looks like the QuickCam did a better job of balancing the color if you ask me.

What's my overall rating for this, including the tech support, documentation and everything considered?

Four stars

They still could have did a better job on the light balancing. Maybe there will be a patch or a update soon.


--- Michael







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