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Hewlett-Packard 8220e CDRW USB Drive

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Originally posted on September 15th, 2001

It's a Drag Going Portable...

I purchased the HP CDRW Drive as part of my Desktop >> Laptop lifestyle adjustment project where I traded in my Pentium IV 1.4Ghz Superfast tower for a 850Mhz Pent. 3 HP n5440 laptop.

First off, don't use the software that comes with the drive for making CDs. Toss em. Go to Nero's site and get Nero CD Buring software.

Once you have that downloaded and installed, you'll soon discover that making CDs can be great fun. Whether it's music CDs, data CDs or whatever you're gonna love it. What you won't love the the hurry up and wait aspect of burning. I was doing this project of mine on the cheap, so I got the bottom feeder of HP external burners, the 8220e.

It'll take you 18 minutes to burn a full 650mb CD. That's almost 3 times as long as my old tower system using my Plextor CDRW drive. Wow! What a difference. Man alive.

The HP drive connects to your PC through the USB port on the back of your computer. I'm using a laptop (HP Pavilion n5440).

One Con I've logged about burning is, I have to transfer any files from other external devices to my laptop hard drive first, then burn the CD. I also haven't found a way to make my 8220e work on any USB hub so far. Damn. I have to connect it directly to the back of the laptops' USB port.

Aside from that the RecordNow software is much easier to use and understand than the older software that came with the 8220e.

It's a nice little product. I like it so I'll give it a stars.


I've down-graded my opinion of the HP USB Burner. I've attempted to get thing going on a few computers (Dell, Compaq, etc..) and I can not get it to work reliably. I might be doing something wrong, but I doubt it. Maybe Hewlett-Packard will see my post here and call me some day...