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DUO-Arin Digital E Cassette

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Originally posted on October 4th, 2001

MP3 in the form of a cassette tape

When I saw this in the store I thought Wow! Way Cool.

At $199 its not cheap. In fact its the most expensive MP3 player you'll find for the memory and functions it has. But that ever alluring familiar shape of the cassette tape and all my dusty devices around the house pushed me on.

Opened the box (nice box), loaded the software and plugged in the Duo to my USB port on the back of my laptop... It detected the device and found the driver on the supplied CDROM. I rebooted and... loaded Windows Media Player and WHAM! GPF error... on Windows 2000 no less...


Well so much for that idea I thought. Well, I'll just load the software that the Duo came with and try that. It was pretty easy. It loaded without fuss. I then started dragging and dropping MP3s and WMA files to the memory of the Duo. I hit the transfer button and the files downloaded fairly quickly. I noticed that WMA files (windows proprietary format) downloaded much faster and they are smaller so you can put almost twice as many WMA files on the unit than MP3 files.

After I finished loading the files, I unplugged the the Duo from the USB cord and popped it into my new VW Eurovan's cassette player...

Neato I thought. Dave Matthews was playing quite nicely then... I heard a strange popping sound (mechanical) coming from the cassette tape (Duo unit). Every 2 seconds, this clicking sound came from the Duo. I let the songs play on hoping this would go away.


I noticed it was very noticeable when my classical music started playing. You could really hear the clicking sound coming from the Duo.

I don't like it. I was going to keep this little buddy and I really thought it would be cool but I'm disappointed. Not only did it crash my Windows Media Player (and all my playlists, and settings) resetting my Media Player but that damn clicking sound really drove me nuts.

I couldn't get Media Player to work. After unloading their software/drivers it still didn't work. Frustrated after 3 hours from diagnosing this, I used an older Ghost copy of my operating system to restore my laptop. I could never get Media Player to work right. And yes, I lost all my playlists and settings in WMP. This really ticked me off!

So... I can only give this thing a rating.

Sorry guys. I really thought it would be better.