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ASUS P4T Motherboard Review

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I've been looking for a good replacement board for my own mission critical day to day use and this is it.

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Originally reviewed on June 22nd, 2001

Well now... talk about building a new board from the ground up! Man alive, I like this board. Just to start off let me say that the very first thing I liked about this board is the keyboard wakeup feature (something missing since the Asus P5A mobo...). I like waking up in the morning getting my coffee and tapping the keyboard as I walk by to start up the 'ol bugger! Nice. Thanks Asus.

Anyway, the first thing you notice is the layout of the board (duh, i know), but the CPU mounting holes are turned 90' from other P4 boards. Asus supplies a new metal and plastic insulation mounting apparatus to secure your new board to your case if your case isn't already P4 mount compliant (see P4 ready cases). See also and the P4 ATX12V design guide.

This baby is the new generation of motherboards that support the Intel P4 CPU. The P4. It supports RDRAM, a 400MHz bus (nice), Intel 850 chipset, 4 USB ports, 5 PCI slots, 2 CNR (1 shared), 4 RIMM sockets for a total memory size of 2GB! Momma Mia! Now for the new stuff... The guys at Asus also have a new mounting technique for those who are attached to their current computers cases. Bare in mind, you can keep your case with this new mounting hardware, but you're going to have to hand over some greenbacks for a new power supply cause the requirement is a minimum 400watt puppy.

Overclockers; though I don't spend ANY time overclocking my boards, this board would be a delight for any would be hot-rodder to rev up the tach of this baby.

The Good:

  • 400MHz Bus
  • 4 USB
  • Great fro Overclockers
  • Stable as a rock
  • PC Probe software.
  • Windows XP Ready!

The Bad:

  • Expensive.
  • Power Connector gets in the way of 5" bay items.



--- Michael 

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This is my case.


Windows XP ready!

Since June 21st, 2001 I've been running Windows XP Beta 2 build 2481 with absolutely no complaints. Well, maybe if my mouse wheel worked in ALL my programs, that would be nice.