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Revised on 11-10-2004

Most of the items we get our hands on are purchased for our clients use. We want the best for our clients so we search the web just like you do for items that other reviewers have played around with. After gathering our notes, we'll head off for the computer store. Then it usually ends up here with our own personal comments.

We test it using common benchmark programs like WinBench from ZDnet and 3DMark from MadOnion. We also incorporate a good old fashioned stop watch for testing boot up times and so on.

Snapshot Reviews  Longterm Reviews


Asus P4T

Asus P5A

Intel D850GB

Iwill XP333
12.23.01 - Talk about having your cake and eating it too. This new mobo sports all the new goodies. Supports Athlon XP, Supports DDR333 (PC2700), Dual Channel Ultra ATA/133, 6-Channel, 3D Hardware Sound/ SPDIF option via SuperAudio...

Asus A7N266-VM
08.12.02 - A great little Micro-ATX board sporting a nVidia on-board video chip, Lan, and more...


BUSLink USB hard drive 30gb

HP 8200e CDRW/CDR USB drive

Digital Wallet

Flash Memory


Samsung 770TFT LCD Monitor review - 07.27.01 - I doo't know if it's the economy or the monkeys that handled this baby but...

Surge Suppressors

What to look for...

MP3 Players

Apple iPod v2 reviewed

I now have a purpose for my moth balled Apple G4 tower!

Duo-Aria Digital Cassette - Not so cool as I thought it would be...


HP Pavilion n5440 Laptop - I trade in my 1.4GHz tower for a laptop (my first downgrade ever) to live in the notebook world for a while.


Logitech QuickCam Pro 3000 review - Logitech's new entry into the webcam arena reviewed by yours truly...

Digital Cameras

Olympus 2040 Digital Camera Review - For my money, its the best camera I could find...

Belkin Omni View SE 2-Port KVM Switch - Wanna use two computers at the same time with only 1)Keyboard, Mouse & Monitor? Check out Belkin's KVM switch.


2003 Audi A4 Avant Quattro AT5 - This is my long term review of my new company car replacing my 2001 VW Eurovan.

2003 VW Golf TDI - This is my new company car.


Netflix - Movies on demand 


Sony PCG-V505DX
Purchased (12-01-03) for use at MikesHardware. I use it daily, porting it from the office to my home. Accessories used; Docking station, extra AC adapter, external USB floppy drive.



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