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Zone Alarm bug found with iPAQ and ActiveSync

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Originally posted on June 12th, 2002

Pow! Right in the Kisser!

Just when you think your computing lifestyle couldn't be better, one morning you wake up and discover a massive headache with your computer toys... namely, your Compaq iPAQ.

My KrupsOkay, I wake up one morning get the coffee, get the paper, and reach for the power button on the 'ol PC. I fire the baby up and wait for the 2 dings from my iPAQ. While I'm foaming up my non-fat laite on my trusty Krups Gusto, I hear something funny over on the computer desk...


What's that? The ActiveSync screen is stuck on Connecting... Just sits there... Connecting...

So, I go on the net look around for tech articles. I found a few things (outdated and mostly for Windows CE devices) and non of them helped. I thought I'd call the guys of at Compaq/iPAQ and I find that Mrs. has changed the Compaq webpage. When you type it goes to the website. So there's a picture of a handheld device and no mention of a iPAQ. I finally find a page pertaining to iPAQ but nothing about service, support or my 3765. My pissed level rises to defcon 2...

I remembered that one of my previous searches resulted in a old Compaq page with the familiar Compaq colors. I went back and found that page and navigated to my 3765 model. Ahhh... Zen. I looked through the tech articles finding many references to my problem but nothing worked. So far I spent 3 hours on this now...

My iPAQI call Compaq. I navigate through the phone menus like a one legged man in a mine field and get a tech support person. After a personal info DNA analysis, we started to diagnose the issue. After several this and that's and playing the guessing tech game, the tech tells me to do a Hard Reset on my iPAQ. What?!?!?!. You gotta be kidding! Well, I grudgingly perform the task and still nothing... No the tech is telling me to reinstall Windows XP... I told him to forget it.

So I spent another couple of hours unloading questionable software programs, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, anything with communication capabilities. The last thing I checked was Zone Alarm. Wouldn't you know it. I checked and looked at all the settings and still nothing. Then I unloaded it from the Control Panel and rebooted. Check what? My iPAQ started right up and start synching all my stuff from the desktop!

Damn it!

So, I no longer use Zone Alarm. I removed it from my PC and I don't think I'll be using it in the future.