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Where to buy your stuff

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Do you want it cheap? Do you want it fast? Do you want it yesterday? Yeah, we all do. I buy almost everything (computerwise) on the net. I've had good experiences and bad ones. Here's my list of places I like and don't like. Oh yeah, don't forget to read my OEM vs Retail and the 3 tier system report before you go on.
Good sort and search engine. I use this on a daily basis.
Pretty good for most things. 50% of the time the price for the item you're looking for is wrong on the merchants site.
One of the best or the best accessory store for the computer enthusiest on the planet and beyond in my opinion.

If you're looking for a local computer retailer I suggest:

MicroCenter - 13 Stores nationwide and the best management and return polices of any retailer. I wish they would open a store near me in San Francisco, if they did I'd shop there everyday.

BestBuy - A very short 14 day return policy, but to date I've had no problems returning anything there. the staff (at least the store near me) are pretty good at knowing about the stuff they sell.


Buying Tip:
FIND RECALLS ONLINE brings together information from a variety of sources to help keep consumers informed about product recalls. You might be surprised to see the range of products recalled. Of course, baby products and dangerous toys are among the most commonly recalled items, and there are also quite a number of automotive recalls. Food allergy recalls are also becoming more common, and on a recent visit, we even saw a recall of a hair care product.

Where Not To Buy


CompUSA is the single most worst place to buy anything. The Federal Trade Commision should investigate these guys. I think they have...

I've been screwed by these jokers as well as many of my clients. With their 15% return restocking fees, they inept staff and the customer (no) support these guys should just fold up their tents and leave town in my opinion.

Don't buy CompUSA.

See my report about CompUSA selling me a repackaged Linksys Router! Shrink wrapped and sold on the shelf as new...