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Virus hacker Caught!

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Originally posted on January 6th, 2001

Is Your Computer Safe From The Kid Next Door?

Recently I was invited to a clients house in Burlingame California for a computer checkup. They were complaining about the Windows 98 Gateway G6-300 not booting up. The first thing I did was scan for viruses but I didn't find any. I restored their system and delivered it back to them 3 days later. While restoring data from a backup my Norton Antivirus software kicked in finding a Backdoor Polymorphic Virus in some files on their hard drive.

Curious about the names of these files I did a search on the net and found a hacker group called HackerErz Edge that these files were associated with. I continued my search to find that on the clients computer, there was a log file in the AOL Instant Messenger directory for a screen name of one of the people that their daughter was communicating with that matched the name of the virus file. I put 2 and 2 together and with a bit more investigating found the person responsible for the virus attack.

Per the FBI's request, I am not allowed to post the childs name here because he is a minor, but he uses AOL Instant Messenger and several others to conduct malicious attacks on other computer users, mainly other kids from his school.

He should know that if he is responcible for infecting another PC from across state lines, that makes it a federal offense and federal agencies take this matter very seriously.

The attacks were made by using AOL Instant Messenger. He would contact some of his friends via their screen names, start a conversation, then suggest that they accept a download of MP3 or funny picture from him. The user, trusting him would receive the file, click on it and then the computer would start acting up if not disabling it completely.

Many people were infected and according to several young people I spoke to in the Burlingame area said he has a history and reputation of infecting other kids computers and harassing them.

The majority of virus infections in America most likely come from kids like this who have nothing better to do than join hacker clubs and revel in the experience of disabling computer users across the US. MIS departments employ armies of technicians to combat these trouble makers costing corporate America billions on preventative and reactive measures.

The feds have a website at that you can use to report hackers like this. You can also email the agency at

Stay tuned here for more information on this investigation, I am sure it will get more interesting.






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