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Quickbooks Backup Bug

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Originally posted on June 1st, 2002

It's Not What You Think...

While at a clients office one day, I encountered an error while trying to backup Quickbooks Pro 2001. I would get an error message that said "Invalid Drive" when I wanted to change to backup destination or even try to backup. It was a bugger.

Then another client called me the very next day with the same error message. We did the usual things to see if the computer was okay but it just wouldn't backup the Quickbooks data file... Interesting (said in a spock from StarTrek voice...)...

Then, as if I had divine intervention, it hit me...

Both clients were running a little program I like to promote here on MH called PopupStopper! This nice handy little (non Spyware) program will detect and stop the damn Popup Ads you get while surfing the net. Well, it looks like it stops Quickbooks from backing up too.

It looks like this in your System Tray >>>

All you have to do is temporarily disable the PopupStopper by left-clicking on the little red X located on the lower right hand corner of your screen and clicking on the 'Do Not Allow Browser Popup Windows' then re-enable it when your done backing up.

You can also just Double-Click it to turn it Gray >>>

I've sent an email to the guys at Intuit, the makers of Quickbooks and the guys at PopupStopper about this. Hopefully they will effect some sort of patch.


The cool guys at PanicWare the makers of PopupStopper have responded to my article and email about the problem. Expect a fix soon.

The smug pompous techs at Intuit are ignoring me...