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Popup Stopper

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Originally posted on December 21st, 2001

Stop those damn popup ads!

As the internet settles comfortably into a natural financial model, you've undoubtedly seen more and more of those dam popup ads that clutter your screen on your computer desktop. The most common one is a camera company that I wont mention that seems to want a permanent synapse burned into your brain.

There are people who say that the only way portals like Yahoo and Lycos to name just two will survive is HEAVY advertising. It's that or getting you and me to anti-up and pay a monthly fee for use of their services like free email and website hosting. I'm more in favor of the monthly fee as long as there are no ads ANYWHERE but I know that bean counters are greedy little buggers and they just want more and more from you and that just the way it'll be friends.

Until then, you can combat this invasion of your screen space by using a Popup Stopper. My favorite is, PopupStopper by the guys at

There are others out there that claim to be safe, but if you investigate them closely, you'll find that they integrate a special program that tracks your use on the internet, sending data about you to data warehouses. Some even collect personal data and we all hate that don't we.

Download PopupStopper by ZDnet Downloads.

Make sure you read the documentation that comes with Popup Stopper because many people I've suggested it to forget that it's stopping popup windows of all kinds and many legitimate websites use popup windows to display information to you. For instance, Charles Schwab has a popup windows everytime you get a summary about your account holdings. Everytime I click on my report for this, the Popup Stopper would flash in the lower right hand corner and make a short simulated electrical ZAP through my speakers letting me know that its stopping a popup window.

It has come to attention that if you use PopupStopper and use Quickbooks Pro 2000 - 2001 and try to perform a backup using the built in backup from the File menu, you'll get an "Invalid Drive" error message. You'll need to disable the PopupStopper and re-enable it after you've finished your backup to proceed.