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Norton Internet Security 2003/Norton Anti-Virus 2003 email errors...

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Originally posted on May 12th, 2003

I give up...

A TCP/IP error occurred while trying to connect to the server. (Account:
'xxxxxx', SMTP Server: '', Error Number: 0x800ccc15).

I've had it. I give up. I've posted messages in forums, I've called Symantec, I've ran countless tests and I'll be damned if I can figure this one out. First I thought it was the DSL provider I and my clients use, then I thought it was because my clients didn't register NIS2003 when they did the install, then I thought it was the TCP/IP stack, and then I thought it was the moon...

Well... I fixed it. I bought TrendMicro's PC-cillin 2003 and uninstalled Symantec's Norton Internet Security/Anti-Virus v2003. That did the trick. You lose a few cool thingies like ad-blocking and popup stopping, something this version of NIS includes and I think is very cool but when you get email errors day after day halting you from being productive and getting things done then toss it. I forgot to also mention the countless phone calls from clients using the same Outlook 2000 / Symantec combo.

Man, this drove me nuts for weeks with absolutely no help from Symantec.

How did I know to do this? When I called Symantec they told me to disable the email scanning feature of Norton Anti-Virus... this clued me in. That worked for a while then the error returned so I uninstalled ALL SYMANTEC software from my PC and my clients PCs and what do you know... no more email errors! yep. Gone! Rather than let my clients hang out there in virus hell with nothing to protect them I decided try try PC-cillin and it solved the problem.

If you want a good popup stopper then take my recommendation and get PopupStopper. It's free and really easy to install and use.

So far I can report that for myself and my clients who have been getting these errors that the TrendMicro Anti-Virus software worked fine. No more email errors.

My other clients use exactly the same OS, PCs (I built them), Outlook etc. In fact, of the 8 clients I have who have received this error message (I have about 200 clients most use Outlook 2k) by installing the other virus software the errors have been absent.

Before you send me an email about NIS these exact errors occurred with the same clients using Norton Anti-Virus 2002 as well. That was the reason for upgrading to NIS 2003.

If you have a better solution and it works after I implement it I'll pay you $100 cash!




PopupStopper (Free)

Trend Micro - PC-cillin 2003

I bought it at
1 copy $26
2 pack $50
5 pack $110. | 1675 Rollins Road, Suite B2 | Burlingame | California | 94010 | 650.548.1010