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Mysterious Trojan Discovered

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Originally posted on October 16th, 2001

What a Bugger!

While doing a routine monthly office visit for one of my clients this October 2001, I found some very unusual items on of of my clients computers. Upon booting up his PC I found the following:

  • purple icon on the Windows Desktop called 'Desire'
  • Two icons under the Start / Programs called Lust and Desire.
  • A mysterious modem in the Internet Options / Connections area called Go Into.
  • Norton Anti-Virus icon on the lower right (by the clock) taking forever to load (2 or 3 minutes) maintaining the little red 'X' on top of the icon until it loaded. After it loaded, when I attempted to run the virus scanner to scan the C drive, it caused a GPF error and stopped.
  • System was very slow.

I've looked everywhere on the net searching with all search engines for someone else who has encountered this but I can't find anyone with the same bullets above. If you have any information about this 'Trojan' please email me.


February 28th, 2002

Well, I found out what it is and how it got on my clients PC.

While surfing around and visiting soft porn websites, you will run across a pop up window that will ask something to the nature of "Click Here To View Pictures". Once you click on that link, the website downloads a program on your PC that waits for you to stop using your PC. It then dials a long distance to special phone number that dings your phone bill for a charge. Some of the charges are small and some are very high, at any rate, you can fix this problem by looking in your Control Panel and click on Modems. If you see anything in there but your installed modem, delete it! On the PCs I saw, they had Desire or Lust modems installed.

Your Welcome.