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Invalid Product Key in Windows XP

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Originally posted on October 28, 2002

The not so good algorithm...

Microsoft is having a heck of a time fielding off those darn pesky hackers out there from stealing their product keys. Personally, I've had two instances where I could not activate Windows XP over the net for a client on a legally purchased copy of XP. When this happens, you'll install your copy of XP and then when you go to activate it, it'll tell you you have a Invalid Product Key and you'll have the opportunity to call Microsoft.

When this happened to me, I called the number but was then transferred to another number (maybe the security or fraud dept) and was grilled for my information like Name, address, phone etc.

But fear not kids. The gods at Microsoft have a solution... in my situation they told me to destroy the number on my sticker that came with the box and they gave me a new one...

Anyway, if this happens to you, please let me know here. I'd love to start a database of these.

Here's a radio spot from CNET Radio (San Francisco AM 910) of me talking to Demond Crisis about it.




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