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Best Damn Screen Saver I've Ever Seen!

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Originally posted
September 2nd, 2001

Sit Back and Relax...

Jim Sachs, an accomplished computer graphics expert has produced a wonderful most realistic screen saver of a aquarium I've ever seen.

For years I've advised clients and friends to steer well clear of screen savers. My main complaint was the deceptive allure screen savers invoke in users minds. People really think they make their screen last longer or prevent burn-in on your monitor. Burn-in is a process were in the old computer days if you left your monitor on too long the test would etch itself onto the screen making it hard to see over time. In those days and till now the only screen saver I recommended was the screen saver button on the front of your monitor... otherwise known as the power button. It has worked for me and my clients for years and the cost was acceptable to anyone.

Enter the Marine Aquarium...

You have to download the demo to believe this. Before you test it out though, there something you should know. This wonderful visual experience can only be run on computers with 3D video cards. Chances are if your computer was purchased 1998 or later it should run. Most PCs have 3D video cards standard these days. Even laptops.

If you decide to get the Deluxe version like I did, you'll enjoy extras like more fish, a moving starfish, and soon for download, Jim promises extra backgrounds and other cool stuff for you to interact with to totally customize your personal aquarium.

Out of all the computer crap that comes down the daily channels, I give Jim's creation