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Pathetic Tech-Support Telephone Calls

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Originally posted on June 20th, 2003


It's amazing to me how some companies can sit at their round tables in those board meetings and consciously decide to run their organization right into the ground.

I remember sitting around the table at NEC back in the days of the NEC/ Packard Bell merger (1995 - 1997) and listening the to absolute idiocy flow out of the mouths of these 6 figure inept bungholes. You reading this Agnes? You're one of them...

Guess what? It's still alive today. You would have hoped that with the bad economy hitting hard and home that these little cockroaches would've been stamped out but guess again. It seems they can live through anything, you know what I mean if you've spent any time in corporate America.

Anyway, here's my growing list of Pathetic Tech-Support Telephone Calls. Let's start with Netgear.

Date - June 19th, 2003
Problem: Netgear GA302T Gigabit network cards seem to have a problem. When I installed these cards at a client location, their network would go down every day or so. The short term remedy was to disconnect DSL/Router wait a minute, then re-connect it. Then it's okay for a day or two... After looking around on the net, and talking to a few tech buddies, I decided to call tech-support at Netgear.
Netgear Tech Call - 06.19.03 - 5 minutes of menu hunting, 20 minutes on hold and 5 minutes of no-tech-support service. MP3 format (5mb).





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