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Mailfrontiers Matador!

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Originally posted on October 28, 2002

Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam (Monty Python)

Email vermin. We all hate it and millions of hours of productivity are lost every year because of it. I now use a web based email service for my email.

While listing to the radio the day, working in the shop on a customers laptop that was destroyed... (see my story about this one here)... I heard a radio talk show host on CNET Radio talk about his email cleaner that he uses called Matador.

I thought I was up on all the Spam cleaning tools but I must admit I haven't heard of this one. I tapped over to Mailfronters site and found it. Really nice site caught me right off. I double-clicked on the download button and loaded it right into my Outlook 2000 email program.

Wow. That was easy!


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