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Winkta.exe / Winktba.exe (Klez)
07.04.03 - Another bugger infects your PC

Read Your User Agreements
06.04.03 - Ignorance is no excuse...

Dell's Happiest Customer
05.25.03 - Dell has the best customer service... right...

Norton Internet Security 2003 / Norton Anti-Virus 2003 email errors
05.17.03 - Are you at your wits end with email errors? I was. Here's how to fix it.

HP Inkjet Cartridge Usage Revealed
03.22.03 - Have you ever wondered how much ink you used after that HP cartridge expired?

Repairing Your PST or OST file
02.13.03 - PackRats beware... you could loose that data in one click of a mouse...

My Opinion on Online Banking...
02.05.03 - I love technology... except when humans are involved...

CompUSA still really really really sucks
02.03.03 - Yours truly catches CompUSA reselling returned items as new... again... hey CompUSA, isn't that illegal?

Invalid Product Keys in Windows XP
11.13.02 - The little hacker kids out there are really giving billy a headache

Windows XP Activation Nightmare!
10.08.02 - Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water...

Apple Screen/Keyboard Problem on PowerBook G4 Titanium's
08.26.02 - Opps... They did it again... Apple designers seemed to have lost their rulers...

Dymo Label Printer Cut Me Off...
07.01.02 - Cuts off the label when I print and messes with my AM stereo station...

Better Wireless Setup
05.22.02 - Here's what I found out about getting better distance... brand mixing!

Best Damn Screen Saver I've Ever Seen!!
09.02.01 - I'm not a fan (never have been) of screen savers but this one can't be passed up. It's the most realistic fish tank I've ever seen!

IDE vs SCSI and Windows 2000
05.30.01 - The rage continues in the war between the IDE and SCSI camps...

Where to buy
Updated Regularly - My online shopping experiences. Check out my list of buying sites, and why I like them or don't like them.

RMA Tricks
Returning things just got a little easier.

Computer Acronym list
Lots of little ways to communicate without words.

OEM vs Retail and the 3 Tier System
If you think there isn't a difference think again.

Netflix - Movies on demand
$20 bucks a month and as many movies as you want... well... 3 at a time anyway.

Don't fall for virus hoaxes
06.03.02 - Sometimes the worst virus comes from you!

Is Your Computer Safe From The Kid Next Door?
01.06.01 - Their not giving wedgies or dipping pony tails in ink anymore...

USB vs Firewire
10.05.01 - Which standard will take the crown? It's not what you think.

Quickbooks Backup Bug
06.01.02 - Popups inside a program? yep. Discovered by yours truly, Intuit patted me on the head and set me on my way for months until they started getting calls from their customers...

Price Comparison Engines
03.18.02 - Bargain hunting? Here's my list of the webs most popular low price search sites.

Stop those damn popup ads!
Looks like popups are here to stay. Here's a great tool to stop em cold!

Strange Outlook 2000 Error Message
05.31.02 - Mostly a very dependable email client, Outlook does have problems from time to time.

Mysterious Trojan Discovered
10.16.01 - If you use a modem to surf the net and you like to search for porns sites... watch out. You could get a phone bill for hundreds if not thousands of dollars!

Perennial Favorites

How to:
  Building a Computer System
My guide to trouble free life long computing. Building your own computer system isn't as hard as you think and in the long run, it's a very satisfying and money saving practice.
  The Seedy Side of Computing
Hackers, Cracks, Secret Places and Free Software, all you wanted to know or don't want to know about the understuff of the internet. How people are trading software, music, books and everything under the sun... 
  Cell Phone Radiation Chart @
Updated Regularly: If you believe Cell Phone screw with your brain, here's a chart with all the common phones and their ratings... 
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Updated Regularly - Here's my 2 cents on how to deal with spammers... 
  Pathetic Tech-Support Telephone Calls...
Updated Regularly - Here's what I go through everyday when I have to call tech support...

External Reports

  Dell Cuts User Warranties
Way to go Mr. Dell. Way to go so called Best Computer Support Company...