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Acronym list

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:-) smile
:-> sarcastic
;-) wink
:-))) laughing or double chin
:.-) laughing tears
;-)=) grin
:-D laughing
:-} wry smile
:-P sticking tongue out

:-( sad, angry
:-(( very sad or very angry
:-< sad
:-I indifferent/sad
:.-( weeping
:°-( big tear
:-II angry
:-@ angry, yelling
:-e disappointed
}-) evil
>:-( angry (thanx to Pamela J Souza)

:-X mute or big kiss
:-() talking
:-O surprised/shocked
=:-) shocked
O:-) halo
:-3 has eaten a lemon
:-/ skeptical
:-Z sleeping
:-x kissing, or mute
:-* sorry, I didn't want to say that
?-( sorry, I don't know what went wrong

:*) drunk (red nose)
*-) stoned
%-) stared too long at monitor
#-) dead
X-) inconscious
:-Q smoking

(:-) bald
.-) one-eyed
-:-) punk
<:-) stupid question (donkey's hat)
<|-) chinese
@:-) arab
8:-) little girl
:-)-8 big girl
[:-] robot
::-) wearing glasses
8-) wearing (sun)glasses / wide-eyed grin
B-) horn-rimmed glasses
B:-) sunglasses on head
.^) side view
:~) nose
:<) moustache; variant :-{) (thanx to Pamela J Souza)
_O-) aquanaut
{:-) wig
:-E vampire
:-[ vampire
(-: left-handed
:o) boxer's nose
S:-) Elvis [thanx to Paul Van Gossum]
(:-}{-:) kissing smilies (thanx to Donna McGhee)
d:-) wearing a cap (thanx to Sofia Mooney)
~:-( fuming (thanx to Sofia Mooney)
Midget smilies (without noses)
:) happy
[:] robot
:] gleep, friendly
=) variations on a theme
:} [what should we call these?]
: ghost [thanks to Ivan Radisic]

:@ [what?]
:D laughter
:I hmmm...
:( sad
Rude smilies (Many thanks to Libby and Helen Moore from Birmingham)
(.)(.) breasts
8---> penis
8-------> large penis!
@-->-->> a rose
(_!_) arse
(___!___) fat arse
(!) tight arse
(_x=y0z_) smart arse
(_*_) sore arse
(_x_) kiss my arse!
(_o_) arse thats been around!!
Pigs (thanks to Looney4107)
:(:) ) Happy Pig
:(:) ( Sad Pig
;(:) ) Pig Winking
:(:) [ Vampire Pig
}:(:) ) Evil Pig.
Internet related acronyms (i.e. for use in IRC)
rating system:
* irc usefulness
* geek points
* wittyness
* unpronouncability

2U2 to you, too **
AAMOF as a matter of fact *
AFAIK as far as I know (AFAIC As far as I'm concerned, AFAICT As far
as I can tell) **
AFK away from keyboard ***
AFU all fucked up
AMF Adios, motherfucker! *
AOL Army Of Lamers ***
ASAP as soon as possible **
BBL be back later **
BITMT but in the meantime *
BOT back on topic ***
BRB be right back **
BRGDS best regards
BTW by the way **
BYORL bring your own rocket launcher *
C4N ciao for now **
CFD call for discussion ***
CFV call for vote ***
CRS can't remember shit *
CU see you *
CUL(8R) see you later **
CWOT complete waste of time
CYA see ya (also: Cover Your Ass) *
DAMIFINO damn if I know
DILLIGAF? Do I look like I give a fuck?
DIY do it yourself
EMFJI Excuse me for jumping in (PMFJI pardon me for jumping in)**
EOD end of discussion ***
EOT end of transmission *
F2F face to face/flesh to flesh ***
FAI frequently argued issue ***
FAQ frequently asked questions ***
FBOW for better or worse *
FOAD fuck off & die
FOAF friend of a friend *
FOCL falling off chair laughing **
FUBAB fucked up beyond all belief
FUBAR fucked up beyond all reason/recognition/repair
FWIW for what it's worth *
FYA for your amusement *
FYI for your information **
FYIV fuck you, I'm vested *
FYYSOS fuck you, you sack of shit *
GAL get a life *
GBTW get back to work **
GFC going for coffee **
GFETE grinning from ear to ear **
GJIAGDVYFCN go jump in a god-damn volcano, you fucking cave newt ***
GMTA great minds think alike (GLLA great lovers love alike) *
GR&D grinning, running & ducking **
GRMBL grumble **
GTG got to go **
HAB hot Asian babe
HAND have a nice day **
HHOK ha ha only kidding *
HTH hope this helps **
IAC in any case *
IAE in any event *
IC I see *
IDGARA I don't give a rat's ass [thanks to James Winstanley]
IDGI I don't get it *
IMCO in my considered opinion *
IMHO in my humble opinion **
IMNSHO in my not so humble opinion ***
IMO in my opinion **
IMPE in my previous/personal experience *
IMVHO in my very humble opinion **
IOTTMCO intuitively obvious to the most casual observer ***
IOW in other words *
IRL in real life ***
ISP internet service provider *
IYKWIM if you know what I mean (IYSWIM if you see what I mean) **
JIC just in case *
J/K just kidding *
KISS keep it simple stupid *
KMA kiss my ass [thanks to John E. Rawley]
LAGNAF Let's all get naked and fuck!
LJBF Let's just be friends
LOL laughing out loud **
LTNS long time no see (LTNT long time no talk) *
MfG Mit freundlichen Gruessen *
MOTAS member of the appropriate sex
MOTOS member of the other sex
MOTSS member of the same sex
MTCW my two cents worth *
NC no comment
NFL not fucking likely [thanks to Maureen Barvir]
NRN no reply necessary
ONNA oh no, not again! *
OOTC obligatory on-topic content ***
OTOH on the other hand *
PCMCIA people can't memorize computer industry acronyms **
PITA pain in the ass *
PLS please *
PMP peeing my pants *
POS piece of shit [thanks to Doug & Shirley Vickers]
REHI hello again (re-Hi!) **
RO(T)FL rolling on the floor laughing **
ROFLMAO rolling on the floor laughing my ass off **
RSN real soon now *
RTDox read the documentations ***
RTFM read the fucking manual ***
SAPFU Surpasses All Previous Fuck-Ups (well known in U.S. military
during the 1940's and 1950's and in other branches of the
federal government; thx to Andrew Poth) *
SHTSI somebody had to say it *
SNAFU situation normal; all fucked up
SO significant other (e.g. boyfriend, husband, wife, pet dog)
TANSTAAFL there ain't no such thing as a free lunch *
TAFN that's all for now **
TASFUIRA things are so fucked up it's really amazing [thanks to James Winstanley]
THX thanks **
TIA thanks in advance **
TLA three letter acronym ***
TMI too much information
TMK to my knowledge *
TOS terms of service **
TPTB the powers that be
TSWC tell someone who cares *
TTBOMK to the best of my knowledge *
TTFN ta-ta for now **
TTYL(8R) talk to you later **
TWIMC to whom it may concern *
WIIWD what it is we do *
WILBI wouldn't it be lovely if *
WRT with regard to *
WTF R U ? who the fuck are you? (WTF what/who/where the fuck) *
WTG way to go *
WTLOB watch "The Life of Brian"
WTMI way too much information
WWDWIIWD when we do what it is we do ***
YA yet another (YABA yet another bloody acronym) ***
YGIAGAM your guess is as good as mine **
YGWYPF you get what you pay for **
YMMV your mileage may vary ("I do not expect you to agree with*

Useful expressions & other stuff
B4 before
2nite tonight
n case in case
EZ easy
troo true
kewl cool
dewd dude
d00d dude
grrlz girls
wirld world
guvment government
gawd god
wymyn women
lurve love, luv, luff
to go nookleer to explode
to deevee to devalorize
n/a not applicable
w/ with
w/o without
b/c because
Xtian Christian
wuz was
cos(cuz) because
nthr another
w3b www
tripdub www ("triple w")
K 1000 (like, 2K = 2000); also: extremely cool (k-kool,
@ Circle A (symbol for anarchy)
^..^ bat
=^..^= cat
^_^ dog ears
eleet elite, 'l33T, 3L1T3, 31337
TOSsed to lose internet account because of violation of TOS
(Terms Of Service)agreement with ISP
B-D breakdown
DDR difficult data retrieval (i.e. hacking)
BRS Big Red Switch (hacker term)
BTL Better Than Life
BDSM bondage, discipline, sado-masochism
S/M sado-masochism
DS dominance and submission
BS bullshit
T&A tits and asses
S&D search and destroy
R&D research and development
R&P rape and pillage (excessive violence)
SBD silent but deadly (fart) [George Carlin; also used by
Beavis & Butthead; thx to lisaviolet]
CBD complete body dysfunction [seen in GothCode 3.1A]
STD sexually transmitted disease / severe tire damage (rows of
spikes on the road)[Neal Stephenson, "Snow Crash"]
RSI repetitive stress injury (e.g. from using keyboard)
TAZ temporary autonomous zone; mobile or transient
location free of economic and social interference by
the state. [Hakim Bey]
ILF Information Liberation Front (imaginary organization; joke)
TBT talking by typing
BLJ black leather jacket
PDB people dressed in black
ppl people
DOA dead on arrival
T-P telepathy
VI village idiot
TV transvestite
op operation (i.e. gender operation)
MorF Male or Female
<g> grin
<bg> big grin
<vbg> very big grin
<s> sigh
WYSIWYG what you see is what you get
YAFIYGI you ask for it, you get it (opposite of WYSIWYG)
WYSITWIRL what you see is totally worthless in real *