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HP Inkjet Cartridge Usage Revealed

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Originally posted on March 22nd, 2003

1oz of ink for $27.50, wow, what a deal!

The other day, my HP 970Cxi inkjet printer was telling me to change the cartridge on the printer with its orange ink low light on the top of the printer. Damn, I thought... I have to open a new credit card again to pay for this...

Funnies aside, it is expensive to replace those inkjet cartridges when the well runs dry. I had a extra cartridge at the ready for replacement and I thought I would weigh it on my digital postal meter to see how much ink I used compared to the new cartridge I had. To my amazement, I discovered that I used just under 1oz of ink! in fact, the new cartridge was 4.3oz and the old used one was 3.4oz. Check out the pics below.

So next time you looking at that laser printer and wondering about the mileage you'll get you might want to think again.

Old Cartridge (3.4oz) New Cartridge (4.3oz)

You can find refurbished cartridges for a bit cheaper, but for my money, maybe its time to get a laser for printing my invoices and checks. This is expensive!

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