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The Seedy Side Of Computing | Naked Pictures

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Naked Pictures

Almost everybody does it. We all get naked once in a while. If we're lucky we'll have someone else to get naked with and when that happens, usually the two bipeds figure out something to do with each other. When you don't have someone else at that moment, sometimes a quick little photo reminder is in order.

Enter... The Internet!

If you've ever typed in the word PORN or SEX on the search engine of your choice, the chances are that you've looked at some of these sites that serve up naked pictures. You soon discover that most of the time they're not free. Nope. Sorry pal. Get that cold shower running... Giving out your credit card to one of these sites is also not high on our list of priorities either. I have a client who did this, he just wanted to get a quick gander at the body beautiful. He found a site, entered in his name, address, credit card information, and his email address. He paid about $10 for a month of viewing. After about 2 weeks, something interesting happened... His mailbox (at home... ahem...) started filling up with all kinds of porn offers, catalogs of sex toys and escort service offerings. His wife wasn't pleased... Someone else also told me once that some of these porn sites are run by certain religious organizations. These capture your name, credit card info and address and then put you on a list somewhere or start sending you anti-porn material. Isn't America great?!?

There is a couple of other ways to get fast good quality pictures and video other than going to a webpage. One way is to use a News Reader. News Readers are primarily for people to write messages to each other on a text based bulletin board like atmosphere. It's kind'a like a bulletin board at your office or school. People can leave/post messages to whom ever they want about any topic they desire. There are approximately 40,000 newsgroups out there with topics ranging from 'Save the Whales' to 'Jimmy's Chicken Shack'. Yep, naked pictures too. Getting pictures wasn't easy though, in old days, we didn't have these handy little programs that search out and display and convert the pictures, you had to convert cryptic text messages (some times dozens of them) using a special program that takes the message that looks something like this...

- -----BEGIN MESSAGE-----
- -----END MESSAGE-----

into a photo you can look at.

This is just a very short version of one of these messages and it wasn't uncommon to have to download dozens of these messages to a text file, join them together and then convert them back to a picture. This whole process would take quite a long time to compete and only the die hard picture collectors pursued it.

Now we have Outlook Express, Free Agent and NewsRover among the few that can do this as easy as 1-2-3. You just load one these programs (all are free) on your computer and away you go. You're ready to enjoy the cheap frills of naked pictures on the internet.

but there is something more you should know...

After you've got the whole thing setup and running, you better make darn sure that your virus program is working at its peak performance buddy. I'd say about 2% of the files that come down have some sort of malicious code associated with them. I know that I have had a few emails from users saying that after they've setup their newsreader and started downloading, everything from their printer stops working to total system failure occurs. Moreover, NEVER click on anything that doesn't have a .jpg at the end. Some files look like this ' supermodelwow.jpg" but in reality the extension .jpg is just a hidden part of the text you see on the screen. The file is really a .exe or executable program that is a Trojan virus or other type of malicious code that will really screw up your computer.

So if you got to cahoneys to start this, visit my newsreader setup page for instructions. I have detailed instructions for each of the above mentioned programs.

Another way to get pictures or video I'm told... ahem... is to use one of these Gnutella download clients like Limewire. Using Limewire you can simply enter a keyword like boobies, model or nudes and get quite a large listing of available files for download. Video clips and very good quality images files are available sometimes in the thousands.

It's the same as downloading MP3 files but with one small change. All you do is change the type selector (pictured below) to Video or Images and you're ready to start downloading.

In the example below ' Fred ' wants to find pictures of boobies. So using Limewire, he simply types in the word ' boobies ' under the search box and changes the selector type to Video or Images. With Limewire you can also select Images to find JPG's as well. The next thing you know, the available selections that others have on their systems for download start appearing in the download window ready for you to select and acquire.

Once the file is done downloading, it stores it in your Shared Files section that Limewire setup during the install process. If you click on the Options button in Limewire you'll see a window like this. The Save Directory is where it's putting your download files. For convenience, you can make a shortcut if you want on your desktop so you can view your collection at doubleclick speed.


But there is something more you should know...

I have been told that some of the people running P2P clients are Law Enforcement or investigators looking for people that download copyrighted material or illegal pictures. They lurk there waiting for you to download the file from their computer and they have a record of your IP address. They then use this IP address of yours to track you down through your ISP and come knocking on your door. Believe me, it's very easy for them to do this so don't do anything illegal. 

That's all I got for now. As the technology changes and programs come and go, you can look back here for updates.