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The Seedy Side Of Computing

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Okay, here' goes. makes no impression expressed or implied to copy any software illegally.
We recommend these methods to make archive backups of your legally purchased software. Copying software that you don't own is illegal... Really... It really is... really...

I'm probably going to get a lot of mail about this, but this is the United States of America and its a free country so far...

This section of MH is dedicated to those who want to know how to get whatever you want pertaining to whatever you want from this wide open frontier called the Internet.

Looking for free Music? Naked pictures? Software? Serial Numbers to Software? Off the shelf software without the shelf? Want to know how to copy that copy protected game, music or DVD CD? Then you found the place. If you really want to know about how to get the really cool naked pictures or if you really want to know if its possible for a human to ahh.. ahem... dance with a eggplant, the internet awaits you.

You can get to lots of websites that have naked ladies and gentlemen, but most pictures are pretty tame when it comes to showing skin the way most people want it. Most also track you with cookies and steal your surfing habits and/or email address, worse, they'll get access to your data on your computer because you OK'ed a download of a plugin to your browser that can look at your hard drive contents. I even heard that some nude theme websites are run by extreme religious groups whose main objective is to get your name and address and do things with it you wouldn't want done.

If you don't already have a newsreader program then you need to download one. In the MH Free Downloads section, we offer a few of these programs that you can try and then later buy if you like them. Some you can keep trying because they don't require payment unless you want to be nice.

Most of you already have a newsreader right on your computer if you're running Windows 98, SE or Windows 2000. Its called Outlook Express. OE can be configured to browse your newsgroups with ease. If you have a internet connection then most likely you have a newsgroup account.

I want to get...

Free Music, MP3's, Videos Electronic Books, Audio Books etc.
Naked Pictures
Serial Numbers to Software
Copying Store bought Music, Software, DVD and Playstation CD's



Again focusing on Limewire for obtaining software, one can enter in any description on the Search box and then select Programs on the type box and search away. You can find anything from simple shareware to off the shelf program like Linux, Mac OS and Windows. I even found somebody offering the Windows XP beta 2 on there. He's nuts by the way because if Billy found out about that, his cahoneys would be floating in Bill's lake outside his house.

Another method too is the NewsReader software. Simply do a search for the name of the software you wish to find.


Serial Numbers

So, you've managed to borrow that software CD from your friend without them noticing it for a day or two so you can load it on your computer and enjoy. As soon as you pop it in, you realize that you need a Serial Number or a Code Number of some kind to load it. Your friend probably has this tucked away in a file somewhere...


You download a piece of software from a friend on the internet or through Limewire or other Gnutella type download program. It too requires a Serial Number or Installation Code to install it.

Where and how do you get one?

The good 'ol Internet.

Just go to any search engine and type in phrases like this to find what you're looking for...

+"serial number" +"(Program name)"

+"crack" +"(Program name)"

You're going to be directed to a few websites that aren't hosted by your usual stiff-upper-lip providers if you know what I mean. Most of these sites are hosted by college kids or hackers that just loath the idea of paying for software. Don't bother bookmarking these guys in your favorites cause chances are they won't be there when you want to look that serial number again. The providers they do get to host their websites offer sometimes tens of thousands or passwords and serial numbers. As you can guess the ISP or host then finds out what what's going on or they get complaints from the legal department of the software companies to 'cease and desist' so the cord gets cut. These guys are used to that sort of thing and they'll have another site up somewhere else in 48 hours. It gives a whole new meaning to War Games doesn't it.

Some of these site offer a 'Crack' solution to fix the program to not ask for a password and sometimes they just offer up a serial number for you to type in. By in large, the serial number typed in directly is the safest way to follow here folks.

The other way of 'Cracking' your software is a bit more risky. A good part of the time these 'cracks' are okay. But I've found that sometimes you get more than you didn't pay for. Sometimes these dark alley trades are not what is suggested and you download this little program that modifies the program you want to use so it will work without paying for it. It also can; put on a spyware program that downloads all your financial data; watch everything you do, everything you type, everything you email and so on. It could also be a Trojan horse virus that can really mess you up. So tread lightly here kids. Unless you know how to restore your system using Ghost, you better be careful!


Copying Store bought Music, Software, DVD and Playstation CD's

Software is VERY expensive. Most all software agreements (that little piece of paper on the back of the jewel case or inside the box that you throw away) say that they allow you to copy it for personal archival purposes. Copying it sometimes is as easy as scratching your ear with your elbow. This section is devoted to helping you get it copied! Many software titles have copy protection built into them, so then how do you copy them? Isn't that interesting? They say you're allowed to copy it, but they purposely copy protect it so you can't.

First, if you don't already have one, you'll need a CDRW or CDR drive. If you don't have or don't want one, find a friend or a service bureau that'll do it for you.

Once you have your Burner, get a copy of BlindWrite or CloneCD. These are the two most popular programs that allow you to copy software or most anything on a CD. No, I haven't forgot about the floppies out there. If you have a floppy disk that you'd like to archive (for the life of me I don't know why) then try my old friend CopyQM. It'll copy most anything on a floppy diskette. You can even make a image file and store it on your computer for quick duplication later. I use CopyQM to make copies of Boot Diskettes for Windows 98, ME and 2000.

Resources for copying stuff...

Software - BlindWrite | CloneCD | CopyQM |

Websites - | |