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Apple Screen/Keyboard Problem on PowerBook G4 Titanium's

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Originally posted on August 25th, 2002

I guess the laid back Apple employees lost their calculators...

Those spunky darn kids over at Apple are just full of Jumping Jack Flash highjinks these days. Man, with all that THINKing and SWITCHing going on over there, you'd think that nothing could go wrong...

Aside from my personal feelings that Apple Computers have a long way to go before corporate America will take them seriously, I have to deal with them on a daily basis for my clients.

I discovered this interesting problem while picking up three broken dead on arrival laptops from the Apple store in Palo Alto California. While Bill, one of the managers of the store, was looking for the three boxes and power supplies that was misplaced when I brought the laptops in I thought I would spend my time checking out the laptops on the counter while he looked.

Upon opening one of the laptops to display the screen and keyboard, my eyes immediately focused on the the scratched/rubbed in keyboard marks on the screen. Hmmm... I thought. I don't remember seeing these marks before. I would've noticed that, just as I had noticed them now. These were three brand-new laptops direct from CDW. Don't get me started on CDW. I'll never shop there again for anything. When Bill found my boxes and power supplies I asked about the marks on the screens, and while not making eye contact (as Apple reps do when confronted), he said that's a Phenomenon of these laptops. Nothing could be done about it. I remarked that maybe the designers, you know, the one's with all that THINKing SWITCHing and creativity, could have designed it to fit properly. He suggested that I look online for some pads that are marketed for laptops with this Phenomenon...

I can imagine in the future when my client wants to sell these laptops and upgrade to a newer ones, the prospective buyer will look at these screens and decide whether to buy it or not, based on how bad the screen looks with all those scratches made by the keyboard rubbing up against the screen. The screens aren't too bad right now, it is noticeable thou, but after a few months use I can predict that it'll look like crap.

A familiar Apple commercial from the 80s comes to mind...

I don't think that word Titanium applies here guys, maybe something with a softer touch, like pewter or plastic.

My two cents.


Michael Chukov - Apple Lover


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