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Revised January 1st, 2001


Any and all data collected about your name, address, phone, credit card information, billing or home address is used in no way other than to bill you and track the work we do in a database for our convenience. The data is not sold, traded, or given in any way with any other entity for any reason other than to charge your credit card for charges with the respected merchant service (ie. MasterCard, Visa or American Express).

WARRANTY warranties all hardware installations for 1 year. Software configurations are not covered under this warranty. A case lock is installed prohibiting access to the hardware within the computers case for the term of the warranty. If you require service, we will for free of charge in our store inspect the hardware and replace it if it fails. If onsite service is required then there will be a hourly charge of $125 per hour but all hardware is covered under warranty.


When we work on your computer a backup of your data is stored on our server for the period of 30 days after which it is archived to optical disk for 3 years in an undisclosed location. If you wish to keep your data you need to inform us and we will mail it to you via fedex or certified mail.


All invoices are due on receipt. There is no grace period. A late fee of $ 29 and interest of 24% annually will be applied to all invoices not paid within 10 days. All reimbursed expenses are billed at 120%.


Onsite service $ 125.00 per hour.
In Store $ 99 per hour.
MRMA clients $ 75 per hour. Reimbursed expenses markup waved.
Hourly rates are charged portal to portal