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October Prize
Pulse 424 Speakers

What? Free Stuff?
Every month
on the 1st (or when I get time) I give away stuff. Stuff like printers, computers, monitors, PDAs, phones, software or anything that's just laying around.

It's simple, just send us a letter (yes, a real letter made out of paper) asking to be included in the monthly drawing. It's that simple. Membership is good forever. You will be notified three times, twice by email and once by USPS mail. If you don't respond within 30 days, it goes back in the pile and you don't get it and your registration will be canceled.

Winners of stuff will be posted here on the bottom of this registration page. We pay the shipping (within reason US only) to your location. If you win, we require a mailing address and proof of delivery with your signature. We only collect mailing addresses for delivering the prizes. Your mailing address will not be collected unless you win. You agree to have your name posted here.

Sometimes, the stuff may have small defects like scratches or dents but otherwise are in good working order.

We won't sell your email address to anyone ( I wouldn't know who to sell it to ) and we won't send you stupid unwanted email unless you want some because I have tons to forward to you if you do...

You need to mail (yup, use a stamp) a request to:
1675 Rollins Road, Suite B2
Burlingame, CA 94010

Include: your real name, address, phone and email address.


Fondest regards,


Stuff that I have foolishly given away...

When? What? Who? Where?
October 2003  Labtec Speakers (Pulse 424) ???