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Free Virus Scan

Hoax's, Rumor and Innuendo

Trend Micro Hoax Encyclopedia


Microsoft Downloads for IT Professionals -
Very good page with lots of downloads for MS Software. Hard to find. 

Microsoft Product Support Services -
Excellent page of various support sections.

Frequently Asked Questions & Highlights -

DSL Reports - Great site for DSL users

DSL Reports - Tweek FAQ for DSL DRTCP Settings

User Evaluations of On-Line Computer Hardware Vendors

Windows Communities Web Sites


Popup Stopper
I've used many of these and most are just not worth your time but my favorite is PopUpStopper by the guys at Panicware Inc.
Download their util to test your memory chips (DOS Needed).
Let's say you want to send an email but you also want to know when it was opened, for how long, by who and what server, all kinds of stuff about your email messages returned to you with this kind'a cool little util.
Argued by most to be the ultimate Popup and Ad stopper. I tried it and got a few errors but got it to work. Not for the low-tech minded. Get your IT buddy to setup for you.

Spam - A very good site for getting spam email from coming back to you. Here is a Top 10 Quick Ref. Guide for Spam.

UXN Spam Combat
A great site that has lots of investigative tools for hunting down spammers etc.

Pacific Bell Internet

Email Management Tool -
Account Services -
Intenet Index -
Online Technical Support -

Self Help Speciality Sites

Gene Fairbrother, a consultant to the National Association of the Self-Employed, says everybody gets out of the swing of his or her home-office routine. He gives his "basic rules (and mind tricks)" for keeping your home-based business on track.
Decide when your body clock is at its optimum. Some people are more productive in the early morning, others late at night. Find out when you do your best work, and then schedule that time for "office hours." Although you can't direct your clients' office hours if you're a night-owl graphic designer, you can still plan to work until the wee hours of the morning and then schedule your client appointments for the afternoon.
National Association of the Self-Employed:

Legal inside information? That's what Company Sleuth offers--covert information stalking on public companies. The results of its searches include new patent filings, new trademarks, insider (executive) trading, job postings that might bear on stock performance, changes in short interest, litigation updates, and outright rumors. Company Sleuth is an e-mail service. You register (free of charge) at the site, set up your watch list of stocks (up to 10 companies), and watch your mail. Some of the sleuthed information is available to any agile Web surfer, but the big advantage here is consolidating the information flow and letting someone else do the digging. There are no guarantees as to the quality of all information, so go easy on the order button in the face of rumor.


Why Bill Gates is Richer than You (Really Funny Stuff)

A Day in The Life Of Linky - Funny

Bonsai Kitten
For centuries, people in the West have marveled at the delicate beauty produced by Oriental artists and sculptors. From gardening to tattooing to dance and martial arts, these craftsmen have enthralled us with complex forms and simplistic perfection. One of the most fascinating of the visual techniques to emerge from this highly cultured region is the Oriental art of miniature sculpture. Who has not been stricken with the expressive grace of Japanese Bonsai? Though once the sole province of Bonsai masters within Japan, Bonsai plants have been available to fortunate consumers throughout the world for some time. With this in mind, we are proud to now offer to you the animal complement of this art form; the Bonsai Kitten.

Very Weird Cow Cartoon
Seeing in believing kids. This has got to take the cake...

You Decide...

For those of you who have waited patiently for the ill-fated Joan Rivers movie, Rabbit Test, to come out on DVD, here's an opportunity to follow the pregnancy of Mr. Lee Mingwei from artificial insemination to caesarian section. Curious about male pregnancy? Online movies give you a glimpse of Lee's life. Mystified by the science? Detailed descriptions and graphics take you, step-by-step, through the impregnation process. Uncertain of the ethics? Ongoing chats let you hear from experts on the future of this odd process. Male pregnancy: urban myth, performance art, or reality?


The Free Site
We bring you fresh listings and reviews of all the best freebies that are available on the Net. To keep up with the latest freebies, subscribe to our freebies newsletter (it's free, of course!). And please don't forget to bookmark us. (Just press "Control, D"). This site is updated daily. Please E-mail us if you have a suggestion. All listings on this site copyrighted, 2001 by If you like this site, please recommend it to a friend.

Old Version
Looking for an older software program that you liked better than the new one? Check the guys over at


Andrew Clover's - He's a cool

Misc... Misc...

Here's a guy that updates a excel spreadsheet of computer shows

Human For Sale

Get Paid For Speaking Out
epinions []

This site collects opinions from buyers of almost anything you can think of. As you read along, you will flag the people and opinions you find most useful. Over time, they develop into a trusted circle of advisors. You'll want to deliver critiques of your own. Get up to three cents per page view.

Learn Anything []

Learn how to tie a bow tie, host a baby shower, drive a stick shift, or any of the thousands of other skills in dozens of categories by following the links to free lessons. Can't find what you're looking for? Try posting your requests to the Wish List forum and someone may be able to help you.

Access The Web Via Telephone
Tellme []

The best voice portal that lets you call toll-free and use voice recognition to ask for your personalized Web info, whether it's headlines, stock updates, restaurant listings, or a direct line to a taxi service when traveling.

High Tech Social Secretary
Evite []

Want to organize an event for 6, 20 or 100 people? This site calls or e-mails the invitations, collects RSVPs, gives directions and makes sure you don't end up with 20 potato salads and no chicken. What a great deal.

Remarkable Research Tool []

It seems unlikely that you will ever have an encyclopedia salesman knocking on your door again because the contents of the Encyclopedia Britannica are available online -- for free. Search everything from A to Z plus related articles from 76 magazines. To make sure your search is complete, you'll get links for 125,000 sites. It's research unlimited.

Boredom Be Gone!
eHobbies []

Get into model trains and rockets, radio-controlled vehicles, and more. There are articles and tips on every relevant topic, sensible shopping that covers all the categories, lively communities full of aficionados, and an online magazine to teach you the basics of getting involved in any of the hobbies the site covers.

Get The Dope On Drugs
RxList: The Internet Drug Index []

Here's the site for serious information on pharmaceutical drugs, including warnings, interactions, dosages, and overdose treatments. You can also search by imprint codes, the little numbers engraved on pills.

World Class Shopping Bot
mySimon []

My Simon queries so many sites (more than 1,500) that it does a better job of finding the best deal than any other shopping agent. You can also search auctions and classified ads.

Salvation for Air Warriors
Biztravel []

This site is all business. Among its many features -- an automated upgrade system to help travelers fly first-class more often, flight-status updates that can be sent to pagers, exclusive travel deals, and frequent-flyer mileage tracking. It also features Fare Guard, a system that searches for the lowest fare right up until departure.

Leisure Travel
Expedia []

Among the features is a family travel section, a Fare Compare section, seat pinpointers to help you get the perfect seat, a place to save your previous search queries, vacation and cruise wizards, and express service for frequent users.

Find Clearance Deals []

Search through dozens of categories, from digital cameras to wristwatches to fitness equipment. Look around by keyword or brand name, or just wander down the categories.

Storefront Set-Up Services
freemerchant []

Get a full storefront, free -- complete with business hosting, merchant gateway, secure shopping cart, auction tools, traffic logs, package tracker, member discount program, technical support, and e-mail.

Earthlink []

Take a shot at setting up an online store by going through the process of site creation, site publishing, traffic building, and performance evaluation with tools that are easy to use.

Software Super Store []

This site is arranged into six easy-to-browse main categories, and the posted reviews from users and ZDNet give it a very appealing sense of community.
There's an excellent software section with sophisticated applications you can download.

Outsourced Tech Services
CenterBeam []

Centerbeam helps you build a business using preconfigured PCs and servers (including software.) They manage remotely and troubleshoot crises for you.

Locate Your Parcels
SearchBug []

Package tracking is one of this site's most useful services, bringing together tracking information from Airborne, DHL, Emery, FedEx, and UPS on one page.

A la Carte Business Builder
SmartAge []

Build your site, drive targeted traffic, advertise for free, and pursue strategic e-mail marketing. Read the site's excellent tutorials on site building and promotion.

Equip Your Business []

One-stop shopping for all your office supplies. Submit your requests to get quotes from vendors on supplies, equipment, insurance, telecom, and more.

Human Help []

Actual, living human beings help you get the job done. Have a question? Check out a video tutorial. Not good enough? E-mail your question and an expert will answer. Still stumped? Ask an expert to come by your home or office.


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