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PC Troubleshooting Toolkit

I get a lot of emails about this and I don't know why I haven't posted this sooner. Here it is. My rolling Techno-Kit!

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MikesHardware PC Troubleshooting Rolling Tech Kit

Rolling Backpack
Whether you're a independent consultant or a corporate player, you need something to tote your toys/tools around. My choice is a High Sierra Backpack. Specifically a 22" Rolling one like the AT105. It provides everything you could want in a rolling technical repair center on wheels. Here's why I love mine. The lower pouch holds my iPaq, pens, cellphone, extra cellphone battery and little things. The side bungees hold my coffee thermos and or other oblong items. The daypack removes if you're going to a job that only requires minimal tools and it also has backstraps to throw on your back. I picked this one up at Macy's San Francisco on sale for $75 from $159.

Here's my pack all loaded up and ready to go. Lets take a look inside and see what I carry around.

Just your average PC toolkit. 6" Craftsman rechargeable screwdriver, swiss army knife, needle nose pliers, small standable flashlight with adjustable lamp and clip to mount on your baseball hat for handsfree operation, various hex screwdriver tips, wire clippers, small reversable screwdriver, torx driver set for Compaq computers and some laserjets, and cleaning solution for fixing multiple page grabs on Deskjets and fax machines.

Toolkit contents:

Misc course and fine screws for mounting expansion cards in computer cases and mounting case covers. Includes:
· 24 brass studs
· 48 steel screws for port covers
· 48 steel screws for mounting rails to HD
· 48 washers
· 12 cable-end nuts
· 100 zip ties
· 24 mini-jumpers
· 12 motherboard mounting spacers
· 12 slide-in style motherboard mounting spacers

Swiss Army Knife - Good for opening those damn adult proof clear packages that they schrink wrap these days.

Reversable mini screwdriver 

Wire Cutters 

Torx drivers 

Hand Mirror for looking arounf inside tight places 

Phillips Screwdriver (non-magnetic) 

Misc screwdriver tips 

Needlenose pliers 

CaiKleen rubber roller cleaner 

Craftsman rechargable reversable screwdriver 

Flashlight with adjustable lamp and clip to mount on your baseball hat for handsfree operation 

Auxiliary Items

These are items I keep in the van for easy access if I need them. You can get most of the items below from one of my favorite online superstores

Small Label Maker. I picked this one up for about $20 on sale at Office Depot. The replacement tapes are about $10.

Often times I find myself early in the morning or late at night and it's handy to have a small battery powered AM/FM radio to listen to talk shows or music.


Spare 20GB IDE hard drive. I use this for backups using Ghost software. Hook it up to the secondary IDE connector for backups on the spot when you need to back a clients PC quickly.

Spare Power Supply. Keep this in your trunk because it's one my most replaced items.

Spare CDROM drive.

Power Supply Tester. You can find these almost anywhere but I found they don't completely test a bad power supply. To test a power supply properly, try connecting it to a known good motherboard and see if it run. Then get into the BIOs and read the voltage settings and check those against the manufacturers recommended settings. This tester is good for quick tests only. 

Spare Surge Strip

 Spare network connectors for bad cables.

 Warranty Viod Labels. These are handy for keeping people honest. If you service lots of PCs like I do then you need to know whether or not the owner is messing around with your parts you installed.

 Spare Mouse / Ball and Optical

 Have a couple of spare