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Linksys Small Office Install

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This report will help your install a Linksys 4 port DSL/Router in your small office environment or home office. It's pretty easy with a difficulty level of 3 out of 4.

Originated on June 22nd, 2001

The first thing you need to know is wether or not you are willing to get a little dirty. Cause you gonna have to knock some holes in walls and run some cable if you don't have the extra cash for the wireless BEFW11S4 Linksys setup.

This report/instruction deals with the wired more popular setup of the Linksys BFSR41.


Here is a list of all the items you'll need for a 4 user network. We are assuming at this point that you'll be printer sharing through the Windows OS.

  • Linksys DSL/Router/Hub
  • 1 Network card for every PC. 4 on this job.
  • 1 long run cable that goes from the back of the Linksys hub to the inside cavity of the wall where you'll be mounting your wall jack.
  • 1 short run cable (we recommend a 7 foot one) from the wall jack to the PC's network card.
  • 1 RJ45 coupler for every wall jack. You can get these at Radio Shack. Part number 278-2037. This snaps inside the wall plate that you mount on the wall for your cable connection.

Step 1:
You need to start off by marking off a spot on the wall where you want your wall plate to go. It should be 18 inches from the floor. You need to mind the fact that there are studs in the wall (boards) that run approximately every 18 inches as well. If you don't know how to find a spot in the wall for mounting a wall plate check with your local Home Depot and pick up one of those handyman books and study up. I have provided you with a link here for a quick idea of what you're getting into.

Once you where to mount the wall plate, draw a template of the hole for the mounting hardware to go. My picture here shows a completed cavity read for the hardware that holds the wall plate on. 

Step 2:
There are lots of hole mounts out there, I like this kind that is a metal bracket that folds behind the opening you make with a template. You then use two wood screws to mount the base to the wall that holes quite well.





Step 3:
You then bend the mount arms like this.







Step 4:
Pop the bracket into the wall, bend the arms back and down inside the wall and screw down the bracket with the supplied wood screws. Now you're ready to mount the faceplate.





Step 5:
Run all your wires through the wall(s) to your hub and DSL modem supplied by your DSL company.











Step 6:
Now take the phone wire from your DSL provider and plug it into the DSL modem (black box usually).

Run a straight through CAT5 cable from the DSL Modem (black box) to the Linksys WAN port.

Plug in all your runs (cables) to the available ports on the back of the Linksys.













You'll Need

Linksys DSL/Router/Hub


Internal network card


Network Cable(s)


Wall Plate
Radio Shack
# 278-2003


RJ45 coupler
Radio Shack
# 278-2037