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How to's...

Reinstalling Windows [XP,ME,98,95]
07.09.04 - This is a section for those daring enough to tackle the daunting task of re-installing the Windows Operating System on your computer. I've divided the sections into Laptops, Notebooks, Desktops &
Tablets. I'll be updating this section on a regular basis.

Fine Tune Your Windows System
10.21.03 - I've been meaning to start a tuneup checklist but... well... you know how things get... I get busy and lazy...

Dell Inspiron 8100 Laptop Overheating
05.31.03 - Here's a {cool} way to get your laptop to cool down. Great utility!.

Upgrade Your Sony Vaio Laptop (PCG-F630)
04.20.03 - It's not as hard as your think.

Outlook.exe has caused errors and will be closed by Windows...
04.08.03 - Here's my fix for a bad PST database.

Cool Down Your PC!
01.18.03 - For $5 bucks and a little work, you can cool down your PC dramatically.

Remove a stuck CPU from a heatsink
01.18.03 - Has this ever happened to you? Well ,it did me. Took me a while to figure this one out.

Reconnect your PPPOE connection with your Linksys Router...
06.22.02 - Here's my tried and true method for getting back up online after a disconnect from the mothership...

Transfer your Time & Chaos data over to Microsoft Outlook
01.23.02 - Here's how to transfer and move your Time & Chaos data over to Outlook.

Make an icon to your website
01.23.02 - Use this quick an easy way to upload files to your website or webspace.

Windows Media Player Fix #1
01.19.02 - Windows Media Player 7.1 and XPs version 8 comes stripped without MP3 or DVD support. Here's what you need to do to fix that...

Make Norton Anti-Virus 2001 work under Windows XP H/P
01.14.02 - Symantec would like to make you think you need to spend, but don't be a sucker...

Linksys Small Office Install Project #1
07.22.01 - Linksys DSL router install in a small office of 4 users.

Make Good Coffee
12.28.01 - Jeff Haas comments on his world renowned method of making outstanding coffee...

All About Connecting IDE Devices
12.28.01 - Have you ever wondered about how to connect IDE devices like Hard Drives, CDROMs, Tape drives?

Give Your Broadband Connection a rest, and close the door to hackers for a while!
12.28.01 - For $7.95, you can save a bit of electricity and reset your DSL or Cable connection while you sleep...

Properly Setup Norton Anti Virus 2001 600k page!
If you think you're being protected by your virus program, think again...

How To Copy CDs
For those frustrated owners of CDs that are hard to copy...

Linksys Router Setup page from Linksys
Linksys' very own router setup page...

Spam and what you can do about it
Helpful links and commentary on fighting spam.

Build a System
05.10.01 - It's not as hard as one might make you think.

PC Troubleshooting Toolkit
05.25.03 - Want to know what you need to be a top notch mobile PC technician? Here it is, my complete toolkit, soup to nuts.

Drill a new case fan!
09.07.02 - Here's a step by step guide on drilling a new case fan in your computer case.

Check Out The Delta PC! Kinda Cool
01.08.02 - Small desktops are in and this one is pretty nice for 99$ Check out my review and project details...

New Hard Drive and Memory for a Compaq 12XL500
950k download - Upgrading a Compaq Laptop Hard Drive and Memory.

Laptop Hard Drive Upgrade / Install
07.27.01 - Upgrading a Toshiba 4020CDT hard drive and transplanting the old hard drive in a Toshiba 200...

Technical Help

Popular Microsoft Technical Articles
Looking for a interesting list of common technical articles from Microsoft? A treasure trove of cool links for many intriguing aspects of how to manipulate Windows 95/98/ME and 2000.

MikesHardware General PC Setup (A work in progress...)
This is my General PC setup guide for setting up a new PC and keeping it running with little or no downtime.

Audio Tutorials ( under construction...)
Here are my collections of tutorials, instructions and setups for a variety of subjects. There is so much stuff I want to put on my site and I don't have time to 'type in' most of it so I use this section to record my instructions for expediency.

Video Tutorials ( under construction...)
Tired of trying to follow cryptic commands from websites written by er... a... techies? Then this is for you. Nothing beats being there and watching it being done.

DSL & Bandwidth Speed Test by
Check you connection speed from these popular websites. Check more than one and check your average.

Modem Speed Test
If you have a modem, you might try this first.

Symantec Security Check
The Norton guys have a nice little webcheck to see if your PC is open to the villains out there. Check this out, its pretty good.

Linksys Page
A bunch of cool tips and stuff for you Linksys lovers.

Free Tech Support This will take you off-site...
11.16.01 - Lots of training and free tech support articles and how tos.  

SBCGlobal / PacBell / Yahoo! Support Information

Detailed information about your SBC Yahoo! Account is available at the following location

Technical Support
SBC custmer support is available 24 hours a day / 7 days to help you. Have your account information ready (ie. account number. This is your phone number with the 3 or 4

SBC Mail & News Settings dialup numbers

Pacific Bell Support Page

Pacific Bell's What to do about Junk Email or Spam?
06.06.02 -
Pretty good article about how to deal unruly email...

Tech Support Phone Numbers updated 05.27.03
877.722.3755 - Main DSL Support Line
800.472.4736 - Emerging Products Division
800.833.2120 - Static DSL Support Line
877.655.4410 - Policy Dept. Mike {sputs} Rossi / Susie Alaoui
210.246.8430 - SBC Legal Dept. Larry Cummins


Yahoo Parameters for Yahoo Domain Users
11.25.02 -Mail Settings, POP, IMAP, SMTP, etc. for Yahoo Hosters

Tips Section

My own personal collection of Tips and Tricks for Windows and related software.

Windows XP Home/Pro 
  How to make XP boot diskettes, Increase your internet bandwidth by more than 20%, Install the backup software that Microsoft didn't for the Home version...  

Windows 98/SE/ME 
  There are still more people using Windows 98 and ME than any other operating system.  
Outlook Tips
  Using Outlooks built in virus tools, colaboration options, customized email forms and more...

Office 2000 and XP tips (coming soon)...
  Conversions tools, etc. 



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