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Remove a stuck CPU to a Heatsink

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Has this ever happened to you?

One fine day in the store I was upgrading a clients PC and soon discovered that the Pentium 4 CPU was really really stuck to the heatsink. Man was it stuck. I even had to pull the whole apparatus out without lifting the CPU lever up! I was hoping I didnt strip anything out.

Once I got the pair off the motherboard, I attempted to just pop off the CPU from the heatsink... it wasn't having any off that. This box came out of a Gateway PC and maybe they used a REAL adhesive to glue these damn things together or maybe they did it so you'd screw up your motherboard to you'd buy a new one...

Here's how I removed the stuck Pentium 4 from the fan/heatsink combo.

Step 1:
Get yourself some Goo Gone and a eye dropper or something that will drop 8 or 9 drops of the solvent between the heatsink and the head of the CPU. Try to drip the drops so that the liquid does not settle on the CPU but settle on the heatsink. Let it stand with the CPU UP (duh, I know but some people don't get it)

Step 2:
W a i t     f o r     a b o u t     1 5      m i n u t e s . . .

Step 3:
Then get a small hammer or as in my case a crescent wrench and a long slim screwdriver like the ones they give away at Ace Hardware or something and tap ever so lightly where the head of the CPU meets the heatsink...

IMPORTANT!!! - (click to enlarge)

MAKE SURE you don't tap on on the base of the CPU. The base is the brown part where the head of the CPU meets the CPU PSB. Only tap where the heatsink and the meet! If you don't you just bought yourself a CPU...

In about 6 or 7 taps it should pop right off. If it doesn't, drop a few more drops of GG on it again.



it's a bit blurry, but it'll do...



Goo Gone