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Reconnect your PPPOE connection with your Linksys Router...

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PPPOE sucks sometimes...

Reconnecting after a PPPOE disconnect is pretty easy.

To reconnect, use the browser to go to the Router's Setup page at Click on the Status tab. If the PPPOE status is "connected", verify there is a WAN ip address present. It should not be

If an error stating "unable to connect to pppoe server" is displayed, the modem and/or router need to be reset. Try resetting the modem first, by unplugging it or switching it off for 30 seconds and then powering it back on. Wait until the dsl link becomes solid before attempting to connect through the Router's Status page. If this fails, unplug the router for 30 seconds and power on again. After the diag light has gone out, try reconnecting from the status page. If the connection is still not working, try powering off both the modem and the router, then plugging the modem in first. Wait until the dsl link is established before powering on the router. Wait for the diag light to go out before reconnecting through the status tab on the router.

If an error stating "LCP negotiation failure" is displayed, the internet service provider may have changed the lcp login duration for the pppoe upon upgrading their servers. This can be resolved by upgrading the firmware. Firmware 1.39 has an acceptable duration for most internet service providers at this time. Firmware 1.38.5 works for most others. If problems are still occurring with 1.37, upgrade to 1.39.

If getting a "PPPOE authentication failure" message, the username or password is incorrect.