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Outlook.exe has caused errors and will be closed by Windows
or Outlook.exe has caused an error and will be closed by Windows...

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Brain Racker...

Here's what was happening and how I fixed it. You open Outlook (98, 2000 or 2002) and it opens just fine. After a few minutes it dumps and presents you with the error above in a nice little gray box (like the old days). It closes and you get pissed cuz your a working man and you got business to take care of...

I gotta tell ya... I spent hours on this one and if you're reading this I'm sure you have too. I did countless searches on the net only to find more variations of this error and fixes. If I followed every one I'd be 99 years old before I finished it.

Microsoft KB articles say to uninstall, reinstall, remove all add-in's, and all sorts of other stuff.

Want to know what it is???

Is a corrupted database... your PST file is messed up buddy.

Oh, you say you ran the ScanPST program and it showed nothing.. ScanPST can't fix this type of error. The ScanPST inbox fixer provided by Microsoft was made for a much earlier version of Outlook and the Inbox mail program. In fact, the only time I've seen this Outlook error is when I question people who have used the ScanPST checker. People who are habitual users of the ScanPST tool seem to have the most problems with their PST Outlook data files. I might be wrong about this but I think the util that everybody is using is causing the corruption. Just my 2 cents...

The Fix

You must make a NEW PST file and import the data from the old one.

  Make sure Outlook is closed.  
  Do a search for the Outlook.PST file. It's not real easy to find. 
  Windows 9X (98,SE,ME)
Location = C:\WINDOWS\

That's it.

If you want detailed instructions, I might post them here later. You can email me and I can walk you through it if you want but my $55 hour phone support will apply.