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MS lemmings...Media Player Fix #1

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Make Media Player Rip and Store MP3 by Default

Microsoft has it's head up the butt these days and telling fiction from truth is becoming harder even for seasoned professionals.

Right on the back of the box of the Windows XP Home box is a little picture and a quote about using DVDs with your purchase. What they don't say is that you have to download a program from a separate company for 20$ to do it!!

What's more is the most popular Media Player out there has been ripped of its most primary function... ripping your CDs to your computer in MP3 format. Billy Greedy (Bill Gates) wants you to conform to the licensing the media companies want by REMOVING MP3 support and making you convert all your songs to WMA (Windows Media format). By this, you then can't move or play your songs anywhere you want anymore.

So, here's how to change that:

1) You're gonna have to break down and buy one of those downloads from the Windows Media Player site at

I got the MP3/DVD InterVideo Pack at for 19.95. You can get just the MP3 pack to RIP MP3s if sitting in front of your computer and watching a home movie in DVD doesn't tickle you...

2) Follow the instructions below to setup Media Player properly...

[ Note: Some of the images may look a little funny cuz I used a image compressor to compress them so your download wouldn't take so long ]



Make the following windows match the ones I've provided below.


That's it. You can now rip to MP3 and copy em to all your friends and family. Provided you follow the rules of the law of course...