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Copy CDs

Revised on ONLY supplies Information necessary to make a PERSONAL BACKUP of legally owned CD's. cannot be held responsible if any of the information contained on this page is used in the pursuit of illegal activities such as copyright infringement or piracy.

Keep the following in mind when making a backup of an Original CD:

  • You are LEGALLY ALLOWED to make a personal backup of an Original CD as long as you are the owner of the Original CD.
  • You are NOT ALLOWED to sell, rent or give away any backups of copyrighted CD's, as this is not allowed by Copyright Laws.
  • You MUST DESTROY any backups when you don't legally own the Original CD anymore (e.g. selling or giving it away)
  • Before making a backup, check in the supplied manual or on the back of the CD, if there are special conditions for making a personal backup.

Software is expensive

Once you fork over the bucks for that hardware, you'll spend (if you're a legal minded fellow) another 75% of the hardware cost on software. Ouch!

Many of us buy CDs and discover a few days or weeks later that "Shrek" made it's way under the couch and now it's all scratched up... That's $20 out the window and you know that's not the last time you're gonna buy it right? Can't disappoint the kiddies.

My Method

Buy the CD or DVD and make a copy of it for your personal use. Essencially, backing it up. Why not? We backup our blood sweat and tears data don't we? (you do don't you...). To do this, we need some tools. They aren't cheap, but they work perfectly.

First, you'll need a DVD Recorder or burner as the hips say.





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