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Transfer your Time & Chaos data over to Microsoft Outlook 2000

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The guys over at iBiSTER, the makers of a semi-popular PIM have all kinds of ways to get your Outlook data into it, but they, surprisingly, don't offer a way to export your Time & Chaos data into Microsoft Outlook.

I was helping a new client the other day and he wanted to start using Outlook 2000 instead of Time & Chaos for his PIM. After several passes at the help file and and a while of web searches, I gave up...

Then it hit me. I could export the T&C data to my Palm Pilot and then back into Outlook 2000.

Here's how I did it:

1) Download iSBiSTER's ChaosSync for $20 bucks and perform a sync with Time & Chaos to your Palm device. You'll need to install the Palm Desktop software first and tell the Palm Desktop software to sync with the Desktop software and not Outlook.

2) Now that T&C is sync'd up with your Palm, you can now sync up with Outlook. But... The T&C ChaosSync software has changed the way the Palm Desktop software works.

3) You need to upload the Pal Desktop software and reload it. When it asks if you want Typical Install or Custom choose Custom... then choose the Sync with Outlook setting.

4) Now perform a new sync by pressing the Hotsync button on the Palm base or by right-clicking on the Palm HotSync icon on the lower right of your screen (if its loaded) and thats all there is to it.


If you don't have a Palm or don't want to download and pay for the chaossync software, MikesHardware offers a transfer service for a small fee of $10. Just email your Time & Chaos data to us here and we'll send you back a Outlook data file.