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Give Your Broadband Connection a rest, and close the door to hackers for a while!

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Draw the bridge and fill the mote!

Here's a good tip for broadband DSL or Cable users. Go down to your local hardware store and pick up one of those 24 hour timers and plug it on your broadband connection.


Well, by resetting your connection, something SBC / Pacific Bell tech's often tell you to do when your connection is slow or not working, it DUH, resets your modem and your connection to your provider giving you a better faster connection to the internet. Nice. Not only that but if you're like me and forget to shutdown your computer at night you could be opening yourself up to those 13 year old wanna be hackers just looking for a firewall to crack. By shutting down the broadband connection, you not only close up the draw bridge to your system and network with no chance of a hacking attack, but you also save a few pennies on electricity. It's a good thing...

I set mine to power down at 1am and up again a 7am.