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Delta PC - A Cute Little Barebone for $99

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Add milk, 2 eggs and some elbow grease and you got yourself a nice little PC for almost nothing.

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Originated on January 7th, 2002

While out one night with friends to see a movie, I had some time to kill and MicroCenter was next door so I walked in to scan. Right in the front of the store where they normally stack piles of blank CDRs was this little gem.

I just had to touch it. At $99 bucks what a deal. Pretty nice. This little purple puppy packs quite a list of goodies, nothing like your power house PCs parts list mind you, but not bad for a internet surf tool or balancing the budget with Quicken.

Here's the specs:

Flex ATX Motherboard | M81ENT-FX | M81DC2NT-FX | M812NT-FX
Fully compliant Flex ATX specification

Single-fan solution, 2 USB hubs, 2 audio connectors, and audio controls on front bezel

Vertically mounted mobile CD-ROM/DVD drive

Chassis Dimensions 11.5 " H X 5.2 " W X 9.6 " D
( 292mm H X 132mm W X 245mm D )

Drive Configuration Up to two drives; 1-mobile CD-ROM format driver, 1-3.5" internal

Cooling System 80mm fan built into power supply

Front Panel Controls Power/Steep switch; HDD LED status

Additional Connector Capabilities 2-modem/LAN ports

Materials Recyclable materials; Blue Angel compliant plastic skin, Steel internal chassis

Emission Designed to support FCC 96-208; (DOC) and FCC Class B requirements

Power Supply New standard 90-110W Flex ATX power supply; UL, CSA, VE, CE, DoC compliance

SO far I've built 4 of these puppies. One for my wife, one for me (to store files and stuff) and two for clients who just love em. I know, it's not the fastest thing in the world, but it's small semi-fast, does most of what you need to do and is cheap.


Here are some benchmarks:

Windows XP Home

Bootup time from power off = 38secs


Windows ME

Bootup time from power off = 25secs


Windows 98


If you want to download the full picture pack for this ( about 20 pics ) click here for the zip file.



fig. 1
The Delta Barebone PC


fig. 2
The back of the Delta BPC. Here find 2 USB,
1 Printer, 1 COM, 1 Video, PS2 Keyboard,
PS2 Mouse, TV-Out, S-Terminal In, 10/100 LAN,
and 56k v90 Modem connection.

fig. 3
Looking at the back, I remove one screw to
open the case which folds over to the side.


fig. 4
1 fan design with built in laptop type cd-rom,
Socket 370, 2 DIMM slots, ATA 66 & ATA 33.