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My Mac

Power Mac G4
Model M8787

Processor: 867MHz Dual Processor G4

L3 cache: 1MB DDR SRAM

System Bus: 133MHz

Main Memory: 256 MB DDR PC2100 Memory (2GB Max.)

Hard Drive: 60GB EIDE Hard Drive (IBM) Ultra ATA100 7200rpm

Optical Drive: DVD Player / CDRW Drive - Combo Drive

Video: NVIDIA GeForce4 MX with 32mb of DDR SDRAM

Expansion slots and bays: Four open 64-bit, 33MHz PCI slots; AGP 4X slot with graphics card installed; four internal hard drive bays (one occupied); two optical drive bays (one occupied)

Ports: 2 FireWire, 4 USB, front headphone minijack and speaker, rear Apple speaker minijack, audio line in and out, ADC and DVI connectors for dual display support.

Networking: Built-in 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet and 56k modem, AirPort ready.

Software: Mac OS X (10.2.1), Mac OS 9, QuickTime, iChat, iMovie,iPhoto, iTunes, iDVD (requires SuperDrive (a DVD recorder)), DVD Player, Mac OS X Mail, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Developer Tools, and additional third-party applications.

Included: Mac Keyboard and Optical Mouse, Mac OS X CDs & System Restore, CDs, Blank CD disk

Purchased at MicroCenter in Santa Clara California on October 2nd, 2002



 My out of the box experience...
Here's the box I got from Micro Center. Lots of money spent on this box as you can see. I wish Apple would use plain boxes like some of the PC.  
When you open the box, you see yet another waste of money. It's a flap to cover the keyboard, mouse and stuff...
Close up view.
Keyboard, Mouse, Manuals, Speaker Grill cover, and stuff.
Here's the Tower covered with that thin packing material.
Keyboard, Mouse, VGA to DVI converter plug, Manuals, CDs, USB extension cable.

This is the back of the G4. Here we have 1 Power Socket, 2 USB ports, 2 Firewire, DVI & ADC Monitor connectors, Ethernet, Modem, Audio Line in/Out ports, Security Lock Port, Lockable Cover Hatch, and 4 Expansion Slots.

Very nice and well laid out. I like this.

Here's a close up of the Expansion Bay with the ADC & DVI ports.
Close up shot of the 2 USB, 2 FireWire, etc...
This is the Lockable Hatch thingie. You would put a padlock or other device here to keep those pesky tech heads out'a there...
Side view. In my opinion, this is probably the coolest looking computer case I have ever seen. Really well done. Good job Apple.
Inside View: If you look at the above photo, you'll see a small latch at the top of the case. You would pull this down and the Apple case folds down for extremely easy access to the guts. Again, in my opinion, this is an outstanding feature. Here you have access to everything. It's very easy to add memory, a hard drive, or a new expansion card.
Here's is a view of the Hard drive bay, and the CDROM bay. You can just make out the power supply in the very top of this picture.

This is a view from the top looking down on the motherboard. I've labeled the cool stuff.

[ Large view ] - 217k


Another view of the guts looking straight on as if you were standing in front of the case after you opened the service hatch...

[ Large view ] - 204k

The motherboard sports a second EIDE port for connecting more devices like a DVD recorder, a ZIP drive or another hard drive.

Interesting note; Apple says that this system uses ATA100 specs for the hard drive controller and the label next to this IDE connector clearly says ATA66...

Whoa! This looks really bad. Do you see this? Apple decided to place the heat sensitive DDR memory right next to the very hot monster heatsink. The distance between the installed DDR memory chip and the heatsink is 4mm. I don't know about you, but Apple could'a done this a little better. The motherboard has plenty of space for better placement of the memory and they decided to place it right next to a very hot heatsink... not so cool...

[ Large view ] - 204k

Curious item No. 1: This looks like a PCMCIA slot connector right on the motherboard. Guess what... it is! I guess you can plug a wireless 802.xx card here or maybe a diagnostic card???
Another view of the curious PCMCIA connector.
Another bay to mount things. You could presumably mount a couple of hard drives here I guess. Just to the right, you can make out the 5 inch monster fan Apple installed. It sucks air front the left (front of case) and blows it like a hurricane to the right, over the monster heatsink.
Here's a better shot of the Monster fan, with the IBM IDE hard drive, the heatsink and the CDROM drive bays.
Power Supply.
Front view of case when opened for service.

Another view of how easy it is to service this puppy.

[ Large view ] - 204k

Yet, another view.
And another...