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Welcome to the Apple Section

There aren't a lot of PC / Apple sites out there on the net, and I hope to be the first and most premiere site for people seeking out someone with true fly by wire PC / Apple experience. My aim is to provide a good balance of information for Apple guys and PC guys to go mingle in a home or office environment.

My Switch Story - On 10/02/02, I purchased a Apple Power Mac G4 computer. My goal is to provide Apple, and readers here my experience switching from a PC to a Apple Computer. This article is updated on a regular basis so check back often to see how it goes. This will be most interesting for me and for diehard Apple people to see how a true seasoned unbias PC professional takes to the this new computing environment.

Apple Troubleshooting Section - Very small right now...

Working the G4 -

Reviews - Coming...

My Power Mac G4 - System Description, Pictures (this page is 270k. It'll take a 56k modem 50 seconds to download!)

Apple vs. Intel vs. Athlon - by Rob Art Morgan