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Who are we? A small computer consulting firm located in Burlingame California. We are seasoned computer professionals with a wide range of skills and talents. We've rescued many people and their data over the years.

Specializing in Small Business, Home Office and Individual needs. From custom built PCs to remedial maintenance, tutoring, low level web development, Intel or Macintosh platforms.

Products & Services Available

  • Local Burlingame California Computer Service Repair Shop serving the community residents and businesses since 1992. 
  • Specializing in Service & Repair of any brand PC or Apple Computer. Most repaired same day.
  • Networking, Wireless Networking, Cabling, DSL, and Telecom Services.
  • Printer Repair and maintenance.
  • Onsite services charged by the hour or by the project.
  • Data Recovery. Outlook, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access databases, Graphic files, Apple Computer or PC Clones like Dell, Gateway, HP and IBM can all be recovered.
  • Outlook PST file repair service. Just upload or mail us your file and well fix it and send it back in less than 48 hours.
  • Order parts from us at wholesale prices.
  • Website Maintenance and tutoring.
  • Custom built PCs. Over 700 built and not one returned. Well, I think there was one... my wife's... wrong color.
  • Service Contracts Available. We have the best SLAs in the industry. 4 hour response time, free upgrades, remote administration, and no voice mail. Direct connection to a tech not a rep or a answering service!


Rates and Services

If you are a MH client and refer us to a friend, family or colleague we will send you a check for $50 for the kind word.
Standard Service
$95 per hour; 1 hr min. Includes technical service and repair on any product. Turn-around time is 72 hours.
Onsite Service
$120 per hour, 1 hr min.
Emergency Service
$150 per hour; 1 hr min. Includes immediate technical service and repair during normal business hours on any product. Turn-around time is 24 hours.
Data Recovery Service
$125 per hour; 1 hr min. Includes immediate technical service during normal business hours on any hard drive. Turn-around time is 24 hours and a minimum 1 hour charge applies regardless of recovery results. We have special recovery software that can retrieve data from any device. It's very rare that we can't get your data back. Data recovered is provided on DVD or CD media.
Invoices are due 15 days from date of service. Reimbursed expenses are due upon receipt. No service will performed if your account is in arrears.



Michael Chukov

MIS Administrator/Director for several computer companies like Coopers & Lybrand, Computer Hand Holding, Charles Schwab, then NEC Technologies.
I ran a 300 user network on Banyan servers, VSAT on the roof for telecom to Japan HQ, mostly PCs for about 3 years until I got tired of the corporate games and politics hockey. That was back in 1996. Just up and quit one day... walked out. I highly recommend it. Go on your own, be your own boss. It's hard in the beginning but you can do it if you have the tenacity and backbone. I really love the day to day concerns of my clients. New technology fascinates me and I love to tinker with it.
Currently promoting my local Burlingame computer repair shop so I don't have to crawl under desks in my old age.

Fondest regards,



For our references and hourly rates, please call (650) 548-1010 for a password to enter our client area.




You've just found your service solution!

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